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About Us

Why Choose Michiana Stone?

We are committed to providing quality, lasting, affordable monuments to our community. Our suppliers are long established in the granite industry with over 175 years of combined experience. You can trust that your loved one's memorial is in good hands. 

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"A life that touches others goes on forever."

Owners Brad and Jenny Beer are both graduates of Concord High School and members of our Elkhart community. Jenny worked as a School Counselor for both Elkhart and Concord Schools where she helped found the Concord Closet. Brad and Jenny believe in giving back and strengthening the community. This isn't just a business, but an important service to our community providing quality, affordable memorials to honor and remember our loved ones. We know it's not just a decorated piece of stone. It's a memory. A goodbye. A place to feel connected to the person you lost. A place to gather with friends and family. A place of permanence. We are honored and privileged to play a small part in your family's journey. 

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Jennifer Beer

Sales & Consultation

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 15 years of experience in grief counseling, Jenny utilizes her expertise to assist families in the design process to create a monument that captures the spirit and essence of their loved one in a process that is reassuring and comforting.  Jenny has committed herself to the study of the industry and is a knowledgeable resource to help families through the memorial process. 


Brad Beer


Brad brings over 20 years of sales experience to our team and oversees our advertising, daily operations and business management. 

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Our Showroom

Stop by our showroom located at 1632 Cassopolis St, Elkhart, to see your color and style options and design your stone. 

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Michiana Stone & Monument is
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