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Cremation is rapidly becoming a more popular alternative to traditional burial. It is still important to have a permanent memorial dedicated to your loved one. Columbarium house urns containing cremated remains, come in a large variety of colors and styles, and can be a centralized location for a family and communities. Benches and decorative pedestals can also be hollowed out to house cremains. 

2 & 4 Niche Columbarium with Alclove

2 Niche Columbarium

Cremation Boulder

Cremation Boulder
4 Niche Columbarium

2 Niche Sculpted Angel Columbarium

2 Niche Columbarium with Angel

Cremation Pedestal Bench

Cremation Bench

Boulder Bench

Cremation Boulder Bench

12 Niche Columbarium

12 Niche Columbarium
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