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Marble Surface


Markers are a simple way of honoring your loved one. They are flat, bevel or slanted, can be ordered for single or companion graves, and range from 24"x12" to 44"x14". Cemeteries may have specific guidelines on the size of headstones allowed. 

Flush Marker

Single Flush Marker

Can be ordered in a variety of stone colors and designs.

Companion Flush Marker

A simple tribute that still allows for creative design. 

Flush Marker
Bevel Marker

Bevel Marker Single

Higher elevation, easier angle to read.

Bevel Companion Marker

Design option of  raw front edge with finished side edges

Bevel Marker
Slant Marker Headstone

Slant Single Marker

Slant Marker Headstone

Slant Companion Marker

Shows a combination of laser etched designs and sandblasted lettering.

Custom Markers

Rose Marker
Book Marker Headstone
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