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Copper Pawprints Urn

Copper Pawprints Urn


These favored pet cremation pot-style urns are made of solid brass with a glossy finish.  The Copper Pawprints urn has two beautiful pawprints made of copper that are found on the top and a copper lining around the lid's edge.  A threaded lid keeps the cremated ashes tightly sealed in. You can also permanently seal the urn using epoxy or superglue. Engraving can be added to this urn for personalization of your special furry companion. Small and medium sizes are engraved on the body of the urn. The large and xl are engraved on the lid.


Small 4.4" tall x 5" diameter  | approx. 34 cubic inches of ash

Medium: 5" tall x 6" diameter  | approx. 68 cubic inches of ash

Large: 6" tall x 6.5" diameter  | approx. 120 cubic inches of ash

XL: 7" tall x 9" diameter  | approx. 170 cubic inches of ash

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